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Frequently Asked Questions

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It can be very expensive to advertise your motor vehicle, house, phone and more in Jamaica. Thankfully, Jamaica Classified Online provides this for FREE for advertisers in Jamaica.

In this post, I will explain how easy it is to advertise on Jamaica Classified Online for free.
  • Step 1 - Sign up for an account
  • Step 2 - Click on the plus button (+) to post your ad
  • Step 3 - Include the details of your ad
  • Step 4 - Upload photos
  • Step 5 - Submit

  • Jamaica Classified Online allows you to advertise for FREE and also charge a fee if you are interested in Premium Advertisements.

    The difference is that a FREE ad eventually gets pushed down in the listings as more and more content is posted daily. With a Premium Ad, your Ad is displayed at the top of the Home Page, Search Results and Category of your Ad - which means you will get a lot of views and a faster sale for your Ad. To find out more about Premium Ads, click HERE

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